5 key features every Active Directory solution must have [E-book]

Active Directory disasters come in many forms. Microsoft provides a native backup and recovery utility, but it does not provide comprehensive AD disaster protection. This blog will look at some of the native tools shortcomings and necessary features that your AD backup solution must have.

  1. Recovery without restart
    Unless you are restoring an object deleted from the AD Recycle Bin, performing a restore of any scale using the native tool involves restarting your domain controllers. Until the restart is complete, your domain remains offline, which can impact your organization’s productivity. Your AD backup tool should be able to perform simple restores without having to restart your domain controllers.
  2. Incremental backups
    The objects in Active Directory undergo many changes on a daily basis. The native backup tool does not support incremental backups and each backup is a full backup. This exponentially increases the time it takes to perform the backups and also comes at an additional cost to store all the backup files if you plan to do a daily backup. Your backup solution should be able to perform incremental backups.
  3. Backup retention policy
    The native backup and recovery tool does not allow administrators to automate the deletion of old backups. Because backups made using the native tool are full backups, administrators should periodically delete old backups to manage storage space. Your backup tool should be able to automate this process, allowing you to reallocate your time to urgent matters.

In addition to these, there are five other factors that any backup solution should have. Download this guide and see if your AD backup solution scores Perfectly.

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