A complete guide to finding one in Malta

Reading is food for the mind, so it’s essential to make sure you continue to develop your mind and learn even after you’ve finished school. But, how to find the title that will make you want to turn the page? Here are some ways to find the right book recommendation for you.

Check out your local bookstore and online shops of local publishers

There are quite a few hidden gems in plain sight, you just need to know where to look. A quick Google search for “Maltese books” will return results, but it’s not the same as having a real conversation.

Visit local stores (in person and online) such as Merlin Library, BDL Books, Diary Bookstore, Kixott, Mallia and D’Amatoand The Meli bookstore will give you the opportunity to ask the bookworms who run this shop what they have read and liked.

And you can browse the catalogs of various Maltese book publishers online! here is a complete list of all the exhibitors who were at last year’s Book Festival for a quick guide to their website. They know their books inside out and will definitely find the right match for you!

Visiting your local bookstore and supporting small publishing businesses has never been easier.

Visit a festival or book fair

With various festivals and book fairs held across the islands on different days, you can discover your next read in no time. Check University Book Festival in March, the Malta Book Festival every November, The Mediterranean Literature Festival in August, and various other fairs organized by local publishers and booksellers that pop up along the way.

Just check out Facebook events and see what’s happening near you.

Spending time at the library

Having a multitude of different genres and publications that span hundreds of years, libraries are one of the few places that hold an endless amount of knowledge. Being one of the few remaining places where you can just sit and read, do you know where your local library is?

Stocking both local and international titles, you can also access the plethora of local and international books and e-books available online. You can become a member of Malta Libraries by applying online from maltalibraries.gov.mt.

The service is free. As a new member, you will receive a membership card by post which gives you access to all physical public libraries in the network as well as thousands of Maltese and English digital titles readable on your tablet or phone, via the Libby and Octavo Apps.

Did you know that when you borrow books from a public library, you are helping authors by adding to their Public Lending Rights remuneration on books loaned?

Follow local book influencers

Who knows, you might find your next best read through someone’s book recommendation. The internet is full of people who give their opinion on almost everything, including some who share book recommendations! You just need to know where to look, and that’s where you should be able to find human beings who love books.

Check out book clubs and groups on social media such as Il-Kamra tal-Books, Islanders Book Club, Il-Malti: Il-Letteratura u lil hinn, Malta Book Lovers Club, Favur Kultura ta’ Qari; and influencers to like He was a Maltese reader, Luc Galea, Mallia and D’Amato booksellers and reading.is.everything.

Take a look at blogs such as The Maltese Reader and The Bobsphere; local pages such as the literary section, Pagna Letterarja on Illum.

To verify video book readings by local actors; delivers podcasts like Kwarta Ktieb; video book trailers like the read.learn.repeat series; or the National Book Council YouTube channel where you will find video reviews, radio programs, short films and films based on Maltese literature and interviews with local and foreign authors.

See if you can get on Booktok. Just open Tik Tok and take a look at the #LovinBookReviewscoming soon with an inspiring new series.

@lovinmaltaofficial Episode 16 of #LovinBookReviews with the National Book Council 📚 feat Peppi Azzopardi ✨ Get your copy at Lovin Deals #fyp#booktok#Malta ♬ original sound – Lovin Malta

You can also consult a directory of Maltese writers on the HELA website. Since it lets you search by both name and genre of writing, finding your next book recommendation is as easy as pie.

Check them out and show your support.

Follow the National Book Council

Providing the island with updates on the latest news related to Maltese literature and useful resources for all types of writers, publishers and readers – the National Book Council is your one stop shop for all things about books!

To verify ktieb.org.mt to see the latest news, initiatives and opportunities. It is Malta Book Fund months: don’t miss the opportunity to apply for a publishing or translation fund. Don’t forget to consult the history of National Book Award Winners to inspire you for your next read.

Watch this video

Find out how these three self-proclaimed bookworms used the same four building blocks to create three totally unique stories. All three participants love to read, and this is how they had the chance to spark their imaginations and let them blossom into something new.

Get inspired, check out all the amazing editors we have on our islands, and grab your next read.

Where do you find your next read in Malta?

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