Actress Roshni Kapoor graced the cover of ‘BLACK BOOK’

Actress Roshni Kapoor graced the cover of ‘BLACK BOOK’ – Niche Fashion Secrets Directory to be launched soon

New Delhi : There is news for fashion enthusiasts as a fashion directory named “BLACK BOOK” – Niche Fashion Secrets is preparing for its launch by ROSHNI KAPOOR (actor and producer) and MR. CYRUS PESTONJEE (the founder of The Niche International Magazine).

It is an interesting fashion encyclopedia gathered by many fashion experts who have proven themselves on a global platform. which presents a tantalizing overview of around 14 countries of the most influential fashion world players and blends their years of experience into this 400-page book.

Actor, producer and brand endorser Roshni Kapoor, who is a fashion icon himself, graced the cover of the BLACK BOOK set to launch globally on Amazon online by mid-2023 priced at Rs.2000/- per copy and what is interesting about this fashion Bible is that it has detailed information about fashion trends from 2024 to 2027 which will be an interesting read. Published by Niche Research Foundation of India, founded by Cyrus Pestonjee, also owner of NICHE Fashion Arena International.

Speaking about the launch of this book, Mr. Pestonjee reportedly said that he was happy to be associated with such a prestigious project which will open a new chapter in the field of fashion, and also thanked Roshni Kapoor for partnering with this project whose concept is a revolution in itself.

According to Roshni Kapoor, “The BLACK BOOK will enlighten fashion design students and also be helpful for fashion design institutes across India to better understand futuristic fashion trends. Among all the industries that have witnessed exponential growth over the years, the fashion industry has been in a leading position as it has been expanding for the past decades and the world is looking at it with admiration.Various fashion experts around the world have played an important role in pushing the success of the industry to the next level. The fashion world has been trying to constantly reinvent itself by introducing new trends that have appealed to people all over the world. Now this fashion directory is about to take place that will enthrall fashion enthusiasts until the end.

We wish Roshni Kapoor and Cyrus Pestonjee all the best for their new venture.

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