Big Data 100 Coolest Database System Companies 2022

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The total amount of data created and replicated worldwide reached 64.2 zettabytes in 2020, according to market researcher IDC, and continues to grow at a CAGR of 23%. This means that the total “global datasphere” will reach 181 zettabytes in 2025.

Statistics like these send shivers down the spine of database administrators, who have to manage, organize and process all this data. To productively utilize ever-increasing volumes of data, businesses and organizations need the right database technology to handle huge volumes of data and make it available for transactional and analytical applications.

As part of the CRN 2022 Big Data 100, we have compiled the following list of database system companies, from well-established vendors to those in startup mode, that solution providers should be aware of. These include providers of database technology designed to run enterprise applications and process large numbers of transactions. They also include database software developers focused on data analysis tasks that businesses use to gain insight into their business and gain competitive advantages.

This week, CRN presents the Big Data 100 list in a series of slideshows, organized by technology category, highlighting vendors of business analytics software, database platforms, data warehouse systems, data management and integration software, data science and machine learning tools, and big data systems and cloud platforms.

Some providers market Big Data products covering several categories of technologies. They appear in the slideshow of the technology segment in which they are most important.

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