By Elise Cooper | November 11, 2022


Santa’s Little Yelpers

Andy Carpenter Mystery Book 26

David Rosenfelt

Minotaur Books

October 11e2022

Santa’s Little Yelpers by David Rosenfelt has all the holiday trimmings with a suspenseful plot, humorous dialogue, returning characters including the K-Team, and cute dogs.

Book covers are always so cute. “I have nothing to do with it. They make it up before anyone knows what the book is about. They do a good job. Readers have come to accept that often the cover has nothing to do with the story. When the sixth book came out, Play dead, it was the first time that a dog was an integral part of the plot and that a dog was put on the cover. It sold twice as many copies as all previous books. From then on, I could write the Manhattan Telephone Directory and there would be a dog on the cover.

“The dogs serve as a lead in the plot. They have something to do with why main character Andy takes the case. In this story, I feature the person of interest, Chris, through his volunteering to care for a litter of puppies. Many people have told me that they skim through the end of the book to make sure Tara, Andy’s Golden Retriever, is still okay. She’s been at seven for fifteen years.

This plot leads Andy to consider retiring until a friend of his is framed for murder. Chris Myers was welcoming a group of retriever puppies found on the doorstep of the Tara Foundation. Myers, a new employee of the Tara Foundation, has served time for a crime he swears he did not commit. When Myers discovers that a key witness against him lied on the stand, he goes to Andy’s to seek representation to have the conviction overturned. Myers thinks they can wrap this up by Christmas, no problem. But then, one of the witnesses who says he lied and agreed to come forward, changed his mind. Chris is furious, goes to the witness to convince him to testify and finds him dead. Myers is arrested for the crime and Andy has agreed to be his attorney to exonerate him.

Anyone who loves a wise hero will enjoy this book. The main character, Andy, has many sarcastic remarks, but also gets them back in his face. It’s a great story with twists.



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