Britney Spears signs $15 million book deal

After squabbling over her sister’s tell-all book, Britney Spears is now set to get her own version in print.

The pop icon has signed a $15 million deal with publisher Simon & Schuster, according to a report from Page Six. The deal comes just months after the singer ended her 13-year conservatorship following a fan-led movement to end the legal process. Representatives for Spears and Simon & Schuster did not respond to interview requests from The Times.

Spears’ intra-family arguments played out in public as the singer regained control of her ability to express herself – often using her Instagram account. Last month, the singer called out her younger sister Jamie Lynn for speaking out about the Spears family drama while promoting her new memoir, “Things I Should Have Said.” During the conservatorship, Jamie Lynn had been chosen as trustee of the pop superstar’s estate and appeared to be seeking more control over Britney’s fortune in August 2020. She later withdrew her petition.

In a series of interviews promoting her book last month, Jamie Lynn, 30, called her sister “erratic, paranoid” and “a spiral”. Jamie Lynn told ABC’s Juju Chang she was happy when her sister’s 13-year conservatorship ended in November, adding that she had little to do with the legal arrangement that took place. controlled Britney’s personal life and career for over a decade. She said she tried to help Britney get her voice heard, adding that she was her sister’s “biggest supporter”.

But Britney disagreed, saying her sister’s book took advantage of the singer’s issues.

“She was never around me 15 years ago at this time… so why are they even talking about this unless she wants to sell a book at my expense??? REALLY???” Britney said via social media, adding that she was sick with a fever of 104 degrees as the latest events unfolded.

Jamie Lynn made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as a Nickelodeon star on the cable network’s “All That” show and “Zoey 101” series. Jamie Lynn responded to Britney’s social media posts with disappointment, writing on Instagram that talking about the drama was the last thing she wanted. She wished Britney well and said she hoped to “put an end to the unhealthy chaos” surrounding them.

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