Clicks impact your Google My Business ranking


I believe this is common knowledge in the local SEO world, but I don’t think I saw Google come out and say it. Google’s Rahul J of the Google My Business team posted on the Google My Business Help Forum four ways to help promote your local listing in Google search results. The fourth way, he said, was based on the number of users who clicked on the list.

He wrote: “Search history: in the past how many times the list was clicked by users searching with the keyword.”

Here are the four he listed:

  • Relevance: How relevant is your category / business list to the search phrase used by the user?
  • Importance: Traffic to your business listing. How established is the online business.
  • Distance: How far away is the business from where the research is being done.
  • Search History: How many times in the past have users clicked on the list with the keyword.

It then lists other methods including making sure your ad is in the right category, making sure you share your ad URL as it increases clicks on your profile, getting great reviews from happy customers, and share new updates and photos. It’s also linked to this FAQ with even more ranking tips.

But the top four are relevance, importance, distance, and search history / clicks!

Google My Business Local Search and Help Forums Discussion Forum.

Update: Google actually changed what it posted in the help forum, it now reads: “Search history: the number of times this has been historically useful based on relevance, importance and distance “.


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