Device health and telemetry management

Today’s modern computing environment consists of Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, and users in many businesses are spread across the globe. All of this adds a new layer of complexity to user and device management that can easily lead to a substantial loss of productivity and / or present major security issues if not addressed properly. This diverse IT landscape requires a modern approach to user and device management.

To keep up with current and future iterations of the modern computing environment, a device management system must recognize that users are at the heart of everything, including devices. In addition to this, the user and device management system that your organization chooses to use should include five key components and capabilities:

  1. Device health and telemetry management
  2. Management of software and operating system updates
  3. Registration and deployment without intervention
  4. Full control of user management
  5. Remote device configuration

In this article, we’ll explain why good device health and telemetry management is essential in your IT ecosystem, what types of data you need to monitor, and how to JumpCloud.® specifically addresses device health issues, whether the devices are remote or on-site with Directory and System Insights â„¢.

Why Modern IT Environments Need a Device Integrity and Telemetry Solution

Having a system in place that monitors devices and their overall health is critical to maintaining a secure IT environment and a productive workforce. Telemetry data pulled from devices can be used for various improvements within an organization, including (but not limited to) user experience, posture and security practices, and health and performance. applications. Health and device monitoring in this sense should not be confused with monitoring user activity and invading privacy.

With the frequency with which devices are used in an organization, likely more than 40 hours per week, problems can arise if these devices are not managed and not closely monitored for updates, security breaches and inconsistencies. Whether you have a device management system already in place or if you are looking to implement one from scratch, you should take into account the health data of the device you are currently using (Read more…)

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