Diocese of Owensboro Creates Pocket Resource Book for Community Members


Graphic by Owensboro Times

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Owensboro has partnered with United Way to provide a directory of pocket resources to the city’s homeless and poor communities. Catholic Charities director Susan Montalvo-Gesser said they were happy to release them recently after a year of preparation.

The directory, customized for deaneries in Western Kentucky, includes contacts for resources such as clothing and goods, education, housing, transportation, and more. The manual has been designed to be pocket-sized for ease of movement and ease of handling.

Montalvo-Gesser said the directory was created after different charities in the region said they felt bad about turning people down without any way to give them resources.

Once the fundraiser was over, Montalvo-Gesser said he began to instantly put the information into the booklets and raised more than 10,000 copies for the Daviess and McLean counties area.

Since placing them in the various churches and centers in the region, they have already seen people run out of orders and ask for more to be delivered.

“It’s great. That’s what they were made for, for people to distribute them… because we want to encourage people to distribute them to those who need them,” said Montalvo-Gesser.

In the booklet, Montalvo-Gesser said she intends to reach the people who need them most – and that meant the booklets are also bilingual. The booklets currently have parts in English and Spanish, and in the future she wishes to have a book that incorporates Karen for the Burmese community.

However, she said that it is difficult to get a booklet for the Burmese community as there are different dialects and syntaxes that are reflected in the current community of Owensboro.

“One of the things about Kentucky is that we are changing demographically,” said Montalvo-Gesser. “If we look at the statistics of poverty in the United States, particularly in Kentucky, we see that people of color and immigrants are a little more affected by poverty than the Anglo population. “

The books can be found at local charities throughout the community and region of Western Kentucky.


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