Dynabook announces new Edge mobile device

Dynabook Europe GmbH has announced an update to its dynaEdge AR (Assisted Reality) solution with the launch of the dynaEdge DE200, the next generation of its high performance Windows 10/11 Pro mobile edge computing device.

The edge computing market has accelerated significantly over the past year, driven by factors such as Covid-19, and as a result, more than half (52%) of IT decision makers consider buying decisions regarding edge computing are more important today than before the pandemic. At the same time, most employees (70%) believe that AR will cause a slight or significant disruption to their industry. It is seen as the most disruptive emerging technology, ahead of AI, IoT and cybersecurity (GlobalData). This in turn drives innovation and adoption around edge infrastructure, with IDC forecasting an 800% increase in the number of edge applications by 2024.

Dynabook’s new dynaEdge AR solution is designed to provide lightweight, hands-free functionality for mobile working and improve business efficiency, connectivity and security in today’s rapidly changing work environments. It speeds up diagnostic and repair scenarios, information sharing and collaboration, information capture and data processing, even in the most remote locations.

New enhancements – including 4G LTE, the latest 11e Gen Intel® Core â„¢ and Edge AI processors – enable full mobility while maintaining a secure business environment with the device’s secure operating system:

  • Faster connection with 4G LTE the integration: Anywhere there is a 4G signal, the worker can be connected – without connecting to a phone or relying on a WiFi signal.
  • Smart vision with Edge AI: Edge AI Engine enhances camera visuals with image stabilization, brightness compensation, and object tracking. It also allows the processing of video streams to be completed before the recipient receives the visuals. In addition, the AI ​​engine processes the feed from the camera to the DE200 and runs the software as a virtual camera. Edge AI can be incorporated into software solutions developed by customers.
  • Improved charge and battery life: Provides up to 6.5 hours ** of battery life and includes a universal Type-C charging connector that can be extended with an optional power bank, allowing frontline workers to run all day .
  • Advanced power: Deliver enhanced power and full performance with a choice of the latest 11th Generation Intel® Core â„¢ i3, i5, and i7 processors.
  • Maximum end point safety: Running Windows 10/11 Pro, the dynaEdge DE200 supports Active Directory, in conjunction with two-factor authentication, including PIN and fingerprint to secure end-user data. The classification of data on the device can be used to determine how data is shared, thus addressing a major concern for many industries.

dynaEdge AR was developed for industries with a strong focus on frontline and field workers, including manufacturing, inspection, logistics, maintenance, emergency services, healthcare and l ‘education. Now, with 4G LTE integration, the solution offers a significant opportunity to drive digital transformation in even more remote work environments such as first responders, field services, tourist attractions and national parks.

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