E-book shares the food and drink history of the islands

Eat Drink Hebrides promotes the islands as a premier culinary destination.

Visually impressive, the e-book – titled ‘A Taste of the Outer Hebrides’ – will be accessible via online media from national and local tourism organizations as well as businesses themselves to reach the widest possible international audience.

Julie Sloan, who runs Eat Drink Hebrides as part of Outer Hebrides Tourism, said: “Anyone can share it on their own media. It took a lot of work to put it together, but it was worth it as the reaction is positive and everyone has been so supportive.”

While island products, particularly seafood, have long been prized and marketed by Europe’s top restaurants and retailers, there has been less added value domestically by marketing them as one of the main assets of the islands.

The 17-page, lavishly illustrated e-book covers all aspects of the food and beverage chain, from primary production to the growing number of quality eating places between the Butt and Barra. There are also recipes for traditional dishes of the island

Julie Sloan stressed that it is not a complete directory, but “a food and drink story that highlights emerging talent as well as established businesses, and can be updated and added to.

“It establishes a stronger connection between the products of the islands and their other natural attributes than perhaps has been done before.”

For example, the focus is on the sustainability of island food. “Our local products and our homemade products travel a very small distance from the farm, the boat, the kitchen table, the copper still, so we are fortunate to benefit from very low food miles”.

The e-book builds on a visit earlier this year by an industry delegation to the Danish island of Bornholm, which has built its successful tourism business around its reputation as a “gastronomic paradise and one of the -the most interesting positions in the new Nordic culinary landscape. ”.

The island is located in the Baltic Sea surrounded by Denmark, Sweden and Germany and is known for its new Nordic style of food and drink – championing traditional dishes, local produce, seasonality and ethical production.

Equally, Julie believes the local tourism industry can benefit from projecting the Outer Hebrides as a ‘foodie paradise’ in its own right by bringing together the different aspects of the food and drink industry and promoting them to a wider audience. much wider.

The introduction to the e-book states, “Thanks to the talents of our local growers and makers, the islands have a vibrant food scene with something for every taste and budget.

“From fine dining, unique experiences at the chef’s table, restaurants, pubs and tea rooms, to distilleries, food shacks, pop-ups, community stores, cafes and even honesty boxes , the islands have everything to please”.

He adds: “This guide will introduce you to some of the best culinary experiences and also lead you to the best places to buy our products.”

This eBook can be shared and promoted via the following web address: https://foodanddrinkebook.visitouterhebrides.co.uk/

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