Fluidx Medical Technology’s innovative embolic tumor treatment device highlighted during the “BEST of GEST” session at the Global Embolization Oncology Symposium Technologies (“GEST”)

August 26, 2021

Fluidx Medical Technology’s GPX embolic device has been selected for a Global Embolization Oncology Symposium Technologies (“GEST”) “BEST of GEST” session highlighting the technology’s ability to devascularize tumors during catheter embolization procedures minimally invasive (https://gest2021.gestweb.org/program/program/107/oral-abstracts-renal).

“The versatility of the GPX product has been demonstrated in various uses in interventional oncology,” said Andrew Holden, MD, MBChB, FRANZCR, EBIR, ONZM, director of interventional radiology, Auckland City Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand. “We observed excellent distal penetration and backfilling of larger vessels in our tumor cases. In these cases, GPX provided effective and long-lasting occlusions, as confirmed by angiography several weeks after delivery.

The GPX Embolic Device is an innovative embolic device designed for simple preparation and rapid delivery of material, as highlighted in case videos at the BEST of GEST event. GPX technology is a low viscosity aqueous solution in a syringe that solidifies into a durable embolus upon administration without polymerization or precipitation of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). GPX is designed to obstruct blood vessels regardless of the patient’s clotting situation.

GPX is packaged ready to use in a syringe, requires less than a minute of table preparation by the clinician, and can be delivered through standard catheters or small microcatheters (no complex mixing system or special delivery catheter is available). ‘is necessary). *

Fluidx Medical Technology is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based company specializing in the development of the GPX embolic device and other innovative medical technologies. The GPX embolic device is under development and does not have market authorization or market approval at this time. For experimental use (in New Zealand) only.


* Fluidx Medical Technology data recorded.

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