Follow These 9 Houston Bookworms For Book Recommendations And More

Bookstagram first appeared in 2014 as a way for readers to connect with each other on Instagram. With nearly 70 million and more posts added every day, this community has become a powerful medium for publishers and authors to reach global audiences. More than an organized feed with great photos of books, these accounts initially focused on their love of books.

Bibliophiles’ demand for honesty and authenticity in reviews became crystal clear in 2019, when BookTok first appeared. In less than three years, it has amassed over 26 billion views and single-handedly put books on hold on the New York Times bestseller list years after their initial release. This is a rare and unprecedented phenomenon that even Bookstagram has failed to achieve, despite its popularity.

Yet books like “They Both Die at the End” by Adam Silvera, “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover and “The Song of Achilles” by Madelyn Miller – to name a few – all have regained their place on the list thanks to book recommendations on BookTok.

We found nine amazing Bookstagrammers and Booktokers to follow, all located here in Houston. Whether you prefer gorgeous photos with witty captions or creative videos bringing books to life, these accounts all want to share the love of books.



Readers will find memoir, women’s fiction, contemporary fiction, and a selection of young adult fiction featured throughout this crisp and aesthetic news feed.

Abby is an organized bookworm. Each month, she shares her reading stats, including chapters, pages, words, and times. She enjoys creating reading guides, regularly presents new books, and even offers fun quizzes. In addition to reading, she shares her passion for cross stitch, houseplants and her dogs, Murph and Benny. Readers looking for a wide variety of genres will appreciate Abby’s positive yet honest reviews.


This carefully curated stream features mostly memoirs and non-fiction works with occasional literary and contemporary titles.

AJ wants to have a conversation with you. Her ongoing “Lit and Live” series is a dedicated discussion with authors and influencers that anyone can watch and participate in. Those chats can start to go live, as she recently hosted an interview with Third Ward’s Kindred Stories bookstore. Readers looking for books with a deeper meaning will love its genuine enthusiasm and authentic approach. AJ also offers spiritual recommendations, and readers can follow his #saintsofbookstagram tag.


An elegant stream with non-fiction, thrillers, cozy mysteries, romance and everything in between.

Every feature and review has a touch of Suzy’s lifestyle in the frame, bringing a touch of privacy to her account. His reviews are honest, and his captions frequently mention aspects of his daily life that make his posts feel like you’re visiting a friend. This atmosphere is further enhanced with his many outdoor photos and his pool photos to die for. Readers with eclectic tastes will love the wide range of books it offers.


This fun stream amplifies BIPOC books across genres while featuring hot spots all over Houston.

Alexis is a bookworm on the move. She travels, both within Houston and beyond, and always has a book in her bag. Her photos are vibrant with a touch of glam. Readers who appreciate the voices of BIPOC will find many insightful articles featuring powerful books in a variety of genres, but the focus is on its favorite genres of historical and biographical fiction.

@ the.bookish.photog

Fans of fantastic books in the YA and grown-up space will love this dark, brooding stream.

While Stephanie primarily focuses on fantasy books, readers will find a healthy mix of contemporary novels, memoir, and commercial fiction. She actively presents thrillers on #thrillerthursday and highlights various bookstores from her travels around the world on #bookshopmonday. Here you’ll find bookish items and clothing with the occasional discount code, book promotion, friend reading, giveaway, and the occasional Bulldog photo bomb.



@bethsallbooked Oh hi MILES !! ? -? #bethsallbooked # november9 #uglylove #cohoreadathon ♬ original sound – Beth

Fun and engaging videos featuring thrillers, horrors and a touch of romance.

Beth has a thing for serial killers – in fiction, of course. While it features romance and other genres, black fiction is its jam. His videos offer a behind-the-scenes look at life as a bookworm, book races, book challenges, long reads and more. But it’s his sarcastic sense of humor that gives it a refreshing touch of realism. Readers who enjoy their book recommendations on the more intense and terrifying end of the literary spectrum will find a lot to like about her account.


@nerdy_julith Hotties wear @blissfullybookish 😌 #hottie #frombloodandash #poppybelfour #fbaa #hotgirlshit #SG #booktok #bookmerch # ForzaHorizon5GO SG – MEGAN – DJ Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion, LISA

Colorful and coordinated with the seasons, this flow is a lover’s dream of fantasy and romance.

One of the most unique and fun aspects of Julith’s account is her #booklook and #bookoutfit posts. Readers who wish to bring their love of reading to the real world will find a lot of inspiration in its feed. The books she presents are varied, focus on the more romantic side of fiction, and include all levels of vapor. She’s also on bookstagram, @nerdy_little_julith, where she posts photos and videos bringing her outfits, book reviews and other book shenanigans to life.


@blackgirlbookadventures Had so much fun with @Gab Union at her “You Got Anything Stronger?” author event! #booktok #gabrielleunion #yougotanythingstronger #bookworm INDUSTRY BABY – Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow

Focusing on black literature of all genres, this vibrant and adventurous tale mixes reading and travel.

Kayla emerged from the pandemic wanting to celebrate her love of reading and travel. Her videos highlight bookstores she visits in various cities across the United States. With his infectious smile and enthusiasm for life, this is the count to living all your bookworm dreams. Readers who enjoy buying books as much as reading books will love its videos and feed. She also has Bookstagrams @blackgirlbookadventures.


@readandramble I wanted to share in case any of my friends here are interested !! ♥ ️ #cohogiveaway #signedcoho #colleenhoover #giveaway #signedregrettingyou #fyp #coho ♬ original sound – Read and Ramble

Bringing books to life with stunning book aesthetics, this account is perfect for fantasy lovers.

Nolani thinks the reading made her a hopeless romantic, and she wants you to, too. Although she mainly focuses on the fantasy genre in her videos, there are quite a few love books added to the mix. She creates immersive aesthetic videos, recreating the overall vibe of her favorite books in a way that invites the reader to jump inside the covers. Readers who adore fantasy, love romance, and enjoy being immersed in book worlds will love these videos.

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