GT Long of Horton Bay publishes new book on popular politics

HORTON BAY – A cold mid-October morning greets GT Long as he sips a cup of freshly brewed coffee on his back deck in the heart of Horton Bay.

It’s a Monday morning (October 18) and Long is on the phone with longtime friend and politician Lon Johnson to discuss the recent passing of former Republican Rep. Dan Benishek.

“Have you ever bought my book,” Long joked to Johnson.

He couldn’t help but ask as his latest track “A Distant Rumble” was recently released.

Shortly after the phone call ends, a text message appears on Long’s phone congratulating him on the new book.

“You know people are just starting to get them in the mail, so the reviews are coming in,” he said.

The book is one that Long is proud of because it is “not a revealing book that slams a politician”. It’s more or less a series of stories told through Long’s perspective working on multiple political campaigns over the past four decades.

Stories of popular politics, door to door, and using fortune cookies to campaign are all shared throughout the book, giving readers a deeper insight into the campaign without a political agenda.

“Every book on politics today is either about Donald Trump or is used as a way to criticize someone,” Long said.

“This one is filled with stories that I’ve been telling in bars for years. These are some really funny and crazy stories that I think people will really enjoy and may even find useful.”

The cover of GT Long's latest book titled

The book opens with a sort of how-to guide to running for office and is followed by story after story about Long’s time in politics.

Long – who is known locally for his love for Horton Bay and its community events – entered politics in 1972 when he first left the Air Force.

He went to college and worked for a campaign that set the tone for the rest of his political career.

Over the years, Long has worked for different campaigns including those of Mitch Irwin, Carl Levin and many more, with stories from each campaign shared in his book.

“The stories are all true. I have used pseudonyms and changed the names of a few places to save people from embarrassment, but all the stories are true,” he said.

One of Long’s favorite stories shared in the book is that of his father who grew up in a racially divided neighborhood and harbored prejudice most of his life.

“My dad was a hell of a bowler and one day he missed his run for a bowling tournament and had to take the bus which ended up being filled with bowlers who happened to be black,” said Long.

“He came back from that tournament saying he had the best time of his life with these guys and it’s stories like that how one little thing can change someone’s outlook on different things. and about the life this book is about, ”he said.

The book deals with politics and the many aspects of running a campaign with a touch of humor. However, Long shared that some of the included stories are indeed sad and poignant, but that at their heart it is about the people behind the popular campaigns and the little details – like changing your mind about something – that can make or break a campaign.

“I hope when people read this book they really get a taste of what politics is outside of CNN or FOX,” he said.

“I think it would be great for political science students and the classroom as well, as you can have conversations about every little story, but the book is really for those looking for a fun read on politics and what it is. is really.”

Long has a number of other self-published books which are all available for purchase at His latest book – “A Distant Rumble” – is available now with the hopes of future book signings in northern Michigan.

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