How can an Android TV device management solution reduce expenses?

By Nadav Avni, Marketing Director at Radix Technologies

The hospitality industry is once again preparing for tough times, now at the hands of an anticipated recession. Hotels and resorts are exploring cost-cutting measures to mitigate potential losses from high inflation, such as managing a reduced staff, eliminating wasteful practices, and optimizing operations. The latter includes using device management software to keep equipment such as Android TV-powered displays running smoothly.

Despite the bad economic news and the expected decline in guest numbers, there are several opportunities for hotels and resorts to make a profit.

Android TV and device management software help modernize the hotel experience

Hospitality businesses can increase revenue during a bear market by improving operational efficiency, such as overhauling hotel equipment and increasing its performance. For example, many hotels have ditched analog TVs in favor of Android TV-powered smart devices that allow guests to do more than just watch local shows or order a la carte.

With a recession looming, hotels can get more out of their smart TV investments. Reliable device management software that maintains, manages, and secures enterprise smart devices is critical to making this work.

How can Android TV devices help improve the hotel experience?

A hotel’s fleet of smart TVs and other devices can provide additional services to guests around the clock and from the comfort of their own room. Benefits include:

Self-service kiosks

Smart kiosks help reduce check-in wait time by welcoming guests through self-service check-in or check-out. In many cases, these automated services can provide faster turnaround times.

Room service

When hotels replace an analog TV with a smart device, the hotel room TV evolves from an entertainment device to a digital gateway to additional services. It becomes the cornerstone of the hotel experience. Guests can use the devices to browse hotel directory information, explore room service menus and connect to services. They can also connect to their favorite streaming services to follow their favorite shows.

Additionally, smart devices that can operate appliances such as room access, lighting, heating, and water are gaining popularity. With smart connectivity, guests can open their rooms with their smartphones and control their room temperature and lighting with voice commands or through a hotel app.

Digital billboards

Even non-hotel rooms benefit from modern smart TVs; hotel lobbies, dining rooms, amenities and business centers now feature digital billboards. Event zones can use these devices to continuously display event information, schedules and special promotions. Restaurants can flash their menus and daily specials.

How can Android TV devices reduce operational expenses?

Deploying Android TV devices can help management cover the costs associated with running the day-to-day operations of the hotel. Specifically, the use of smart devices can reduce expenses in many areas:

Reduced workforce

By functioning as self-service kiosks, information directories and digital billboards, Android TV devices provide hotel guests with additional services without additional staff. For example, self-service kiosks allow the lobby to provide 24/7 services without night shift workers. Placing information directories in hotel rooms and digital display boards around the hotel reduces or eliminates the need for information desks and concierges.

Faster and more efficient services

In many cases, using a smart TV for self-service directory services, housekeeping, and room service orders can yield faster results, as can self-service kiosks. may expedite check-in or check-out. Meanwhile, automated in-room services allow guests to adjust room settings without calling maintenance. If nothing else, these automated stations reduce queues and result in fewer harassed and impatient guests.

Personalized streaming at no cost to the hotel

Many guests prefer to log into their streaming service accounts using the hotel’s Android TV device to access their viewing history or curated playlists and pick up shows wherever they want. have stopped. This is an added benefit for hotel owners, who no longer need bulk streaming subscriptions for their hotels.

How can mobile device management software help?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software manages the administration of smart devices in the network. For hotels, MDM software ensures that all smart TVs, kiosks, digital billboards, and other devices receive the necessary maintenance and updates to keep them running smoothly.

A typical hotel has an average of 313 rooms, each equipped with a smart TV connected to the hotel network. Add a few dozen digital billboards and touchscreen kiosks, and IT employees can quickly become overwhelmed when critical device updates need to be made. MDM software provides a central administration hub for all these devices so administrators can apply updates or patches to all devices simultaneously and remotely.

Finally, MDM software can collect usage data and gather insights so hotels can better understand what guests want. This information is valuable in determining what services and amenities the hotel should offer guests in future seasons.

Mobile device management software protects data and account security

Additionally, MDM software can protect hotel guest devices and accounts while connected to the hotel network. It provides guests with secure end-to-end encryption when they connect to the network and use their smartphones to operate hotel doors and amenities. Administrators can close access to guests who have already made their payment or who have outstanding invoices.

More importantly, MDM software helps customers keep their data private even when sharing information on the hotel network. The app adheres to established protocols such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which ensure that all user data remains secure throughout transactions. Administrators can also use MDM software to wipe the accounts of guests still connected to the hotel room smart TV in case they forget to log out when checking out.

Device management software helps improve results for hotels using Android TV

Even if a difficult business environment leads to a decrease in the number of customers, hotels can still improve the experience of their customers by offering superior services. Android TV units managed by reliable device management software can provide user-focused services and conveniences without increasing operating costs. More efficient operation leads to healthier profits, which can be a boon during lean times.

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