How Reedsy can help you find the right publisher for your book


When it comes to publishing, the Internet is far too vast to facilitate research. Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s hard to know where to start.

That’s why services like the Reedsy Publishers Directory are great assets as they bring together relevant resources in one place, saving you months of work and helping you find the support your book needs.

When it comes to finding the right publisher for your book, here’s how Reedsy can help.

1. Decide if you need an agent first

Most publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, with the exception of certain genres or forms of writing such as poetry and academic work.


So, the first thing to do is to determine if your book needs to be represented. Then you can work to find a literary agent with the resources of Reedsy. In addition to contacting editors, they can refine your manuscript.

2. Browse the Reedsy publisher directory for the appropriate presses

To bypass agents, try Reedsy’s directory of publishers who accept direct submissions. Keep your needs in mind when filtering your options.


For example, you can specifically search for Canadian book publishers on Reedsy. You can filter multiple locations around the world, from countries to cities.

You can also focus on presses accepting submissions for specific genres, formats and sizes. The mystery and crime editors listed by Reedsy alone are 79 and count.

3. Create a shortlist of editors and study them in detail

The next step in finding the right publisher for your book is choosing candidates and learning more about them.

Start with the Reedsy Directory, where you’ll find details of each business, including their size, preferred formats, bestselling titles, and website. Put your favorites in a shortlist.

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Determine which books these publishers like or are leaning towards right now. Decide if your work fits their portfolio, specifying how.

Ideally, you’ll want to find a company that has published books that are similar in style, topic, or concept to yours. Identifying these books will be helpful in the last step.

4. Submit your book with a personalized letter

When contacting a publisher directly, your submission should include a personalized letter explaining why the company should take a chance on your book. This is where your research and Reedsy’s resources can really pay off.

You basically write a query letter, in which you specify why you and this press are a great match. If you’ve already thought about it in step three, the letter should be fairly straightforward to produce.

This is also an opportunity to name the audit titles on their list that resemble your book in one way or another. Use these titles to show that your book will fit in their list, or explain how it can complement it.

How you feel depends in large part on this letter, but also on the overall quality of your submission. Besides text editing, for example, be sure to follow Reedsy’s guide to formatting manuscripts. Aim for perfection and you’ll have a better chance of getting signed.

Good preparation can attract the right editor faster

As Reedsy’s guide to getting a book deal explains, getting published isn’t easy. But hard work and reliable support can help. Your book should be at its best, with Reedsy and your agent contributing their resources and expertise.

Does this all sound a bit premature to you? If you’re not at the publishing stage yet, you should just try to improve your creative writing in any way you can, whether that’s taking a class or entering a writing contest. Reedsy is here to help you with all of this.

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