How to get Google’s Magic Eraser on your Pixel device


Google’s Pixel 6 series is definitely something to see. With a powerful arsenal of specifications paired with the Google Tensor chip, this flagship line is getting a lot of love from users. However, there is more than just hardware that captivates Pixel 6 users, and these are the amazing new features of Android 12 software. One of the distinguishing features of the Google Pixel 6 is the new Magic Eraser tool introduced in it. ‘Google Photos application. Magic Eraser tool is amazing and allows you to remove people, objects and distractions from photos. However, did you know that you can use this tool on phones other than the Pixel 6? Yes, we have found a convenient way for other Pixel users to take advantage of this feature. Read on to learn how to get Google’s Magic Eraser feature on your Pixel device.

Get Google’s Magic Eraser on your Pixel device (2021)

While we will see how to get this amazing tool on your Pixel phone, we will also talk about what exactly Google’s Magic Eraser tool is. If you are already familiar with this part and want to move on, use the table below.

What is Google’s Magic Eraser Tool?

If you’re someone who takes photos regularly, we’re sure you’re no stranger to photobombing. Sometimes you just can’t help when people or even things get in the way of a good photo. The magic eraser from Google Photos is the solution to this exact problem. Designed as an addition to the Pixel 6’s photo editing capabilities, the Magic Eraser is a powerful tool.

This handy feature removes any people or objects that you might not want in the frame. For example, a person standing behind you in a photo can be removed by simply selecting them using the tool. You can see how this feature works in the attached GIF:

Courtesy of: Google

Google’s Magic Eraser tool automatically identifies and suggests possible distractions in a photo. It then gives you the choice of removing all of those distractions or selectively selecting them. For those who are inclined to take matters into their own hands, the Magic Eraser has the ability to use a brush to select what you want to remove.

Google’s Magic Eraser tool does all of this by incorporating machine learning (ML) into the mix. This intelligent ML algorithm automatically studies an image and replaces the empty space with relevant pixels. This way your edited image will still be natural. From what we’ve seen and tested, the new Magic Eraser feature is an awesome tool that you should try for yourself. To do that, keep reading on how to get it on your Pixel device.

How to get Google’s Magic Eraser tool on your Pixel device

Since Google has not yet officially deployed the Magic Eraser tool on your device, we will be using the latest version. Google Photos APK file (version 5.64) that circulates online. Once installed, the APK file will work on any Pixel device (running Android 12) other than the Pixel 6 without any issues. Although you can install the APK on the first and second generation Pixel phones (running Android 11), the feature does not work and the app crashes while analyzing the image.

Also, this method is a workaround and it may not work on your device. It’s also possible that Google will roll out a server-side patch to make it available only on the Pixel 6. So go ahead and give it a try while it’s still available.

We’ll be using a Google Pixel 4a to test the Google Photos Magic Eraser tool in this tutorial. Once your Pixel device is ready, go ahead and download this Google Photos APK from APKMirror and install the official Mirror installer app APK (To free) from the Google Play Store. Then follow the steps below.

1. Open the APKMirror Installer app on your Pixel phone.

mirror installer apk magic eraser google

2. Press the Browse files button to open the directory and allow permissions if requested.

browse files button

3. The application will then display your Downloads folder. Select the Google Photos APK Bundle that we downloaded earlier.

To note: Google switched from APKs to AAB (Android App Bundles) by default as of August 2021, and we need a third-party app to install these Android apps.

choose the magic eraser APK google

4. Then press the Install the package button to start. The files will start to load.

install package

5. When finished, press the “To install” Where “Watch the ad and install the app”If you meet him.

How to get Google's Magic Eraser on your Pixel device

6. Then press the “Allow from this source”Switch to grant the necessary permissions for APK installation and return to the APKMirror installer.

allow google source magic eraser

7. Press’Update‘to allow the current Google Photos app to be replaced by this latest version on your Pixel device. Let the installation take its course.

update google photos

8. When the installation is complete, press the “Open application“to access the new Google Photos app.

open application

And that’s all! You have installed the latest Google Photos app with the new Magic Eraser tool. Now let’s learn how to use it.

How to use the new Magic Eraser tool on Pixel devices

Now that we have the APK installed, we need to try the new Magic Eraser tool. While the tool will do its best to remove objects from all types of images, try to choose photos that don’t have distractions that are too close to each other. You will not be satisfied with the results in this case. Anyway, let’s see how it works.

1. Open the Google Photos app on your Pixel device.

google photos app

2. In the photos or library section, tap to open a photo you want to use the tool on.

How to get Google's Magic Eraser on your Pixel device

3. Then press the “Edit”Button at the bottom.

edit google magic eraser button

4. Scroll left and select the ‘Tools”To see the new Magic Eraser tool.

How to get Google's Magic Eraser on your Pixel device

Remove objects or distractions from images using the Magic Eraser tool

Although the tool tries to find suggestions on its own, there may be times that none are detected. In this case, just do the following:

1. Using your finger, touch and doodle on the object you want to remove until it is covered with a layer of white color. Alternatively, you can capture the object in a circle.

2. Wait a few seconds for the tool to work its magic. And There you go ! Your unwanted object will be removed from the image in seconds. You can use the Undo and Redo buttons for other manipulations. And if you think you might have botched it, hit the Reset button to start over.

3. Once you are satisfied with your change, press the “Ended“, and your image will be saved to Google Photos. From there you can export it as you want. And it’s that easy!

If you are confused with any of the steps, watch the video below for help. Now go ahead and make random people disappear in some of your best photos.

Google Photos Magic Eraser Tool: First Impressions

My experience with Google’s Magic Eraser tool on Pixel phones other than the Pixel 6 has been good. While the tool doesn’t find any suggestions that are relevant to me, it manages to remove the objects I chose easily and in seconds. You can check out some of the before and after comparisons here:

Before qHow to get Google's Magic Eraser on your Pixel device
How to get Google's Magic Eraser on your Pixel deviceGoogle Magic Eraser
before the google eraserAfter the magic eraser google

The move is not flawless, as you can see for yourself. However, keep in mind that the Magic Eraser tool on any device other than the Pixel 6 series does not use the Tensor chip, so the results will naturally be different. But, for social media users looking to cut down on their image clutter, the Magic Eraser tool will do just fine. As for photographers looking to polish their photos, it’s best to stick with Photoshop for now.

Erase unwanted distractions with Google’s Magic Eraser tool

We hope you were able to install Google’s new Magic Eraser on your Pixel device using this guide. However, this handy tool is only part of the experience. The best features of Android 12 have several other amazing additions. And if by any chance you don’t have a Pixel device, don’t worry. Get these Android 12 features on any Android device and have fun. So how does the magic eraser work for you? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.


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