How to Use Kodi to Record DTT on Any Device and Don’t Miss Your Favorite Show

Kodi, the popular application for setting up a media center, offers endless possibilities to enjoy all its functions. We have seen how to use it to access Netflix, DAZN, Disney+, to watch TNT or even to access Pluto TV, how we can take advantage of Kodi to watch HBO Max and now we will see how to use Kodi to record DTT on any device.

One of the advantages that Kodi offers is that it is available on how many platforms. From mobiles to TVs, tablets and computers of almost all operating systems. With a high level of customization we can even use Kodi to watch TNT, something that we have already seen in its time and now we are going to explain it to you how to record programs so you don’t miss a thing.

How to watch TNT

We have already seen that the best way to watch DTT via Kodi is through configure IPTV channel list have DTT without the need for a terrestrial antenna. After installing Kodi, all you need to do is access and get an IPTV list to watch DTT channels. A good site is Marc Vila’s GitHub account, from which you should copy the link to the m3u8 playlist of TNT channels (it can be the TV, Radio or Radio plus TV link). The resulting link must be such that

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Now you need to open Kodi on your TV and go to the “Settings” on the gear icon to then access the section “Complements” in the side menu. Of all the options we have to choose “Install from repository” so what “All repositories” or in the “Search” option.

Tdt Iptv 1
Tdt Iptv 2

I did this by marking the search and writing “Simple Client PVR IPTV”.

Tdt IPTV 3
Tdt Iptv 4
Tdt Iptv 5

Click on “Install” and we accept the installation of added plugins. Once the Kodi add-on is installed, click on “Implement” and among all the sections, look for one that has the title “M3U Playlist URL” and there we write the text that we copied before. Is it and after completing the link, we click, and this is very important, on the “OK” button.

Tdt IPTV 6
Tdt IPTV 7
Tdt IPTV 8
Tdt Iptv 10
Tdt Iptv 11

This add-on does not allow us to record TV channels and to do this we will only have to download another add-on called “IPTV Recorder” from this link. For this we go to the road “Settings”, “System” and in “Complements” we check that the option is activated “Unknown Origins” to install add-ons from third-party repositories. If not, we do.

Tdt Iptv 12
Tdt Iptv 13
Tdt Iptv 14

At this point we will see a warning message. Click “Yes” and continue.

Tdt Iptv 16

Another necessary step is install FFMPEG codecs, which will be necessary for the recording of TNT channels. You just need to enter this link and download the latest version in .ZIP format.

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With these milestones completed, we now move on to the road “Complements”, “Complementary Browser” and selecting the option “Install from ZIP file” we choose the .ZIP file of IPTV Recorder that we have downloaded.

Tdt Iptv 17
Tdt Iptv 18
Tdt Iptv 19

When the add-on is installed, we need to configure it to add the path of the FFMPEG codec executable file. So we enter the “IPTV Recorder” add-on and “Implement” click on “Jobs and Rules” and in “ffmpeg-exe” we add the path to the codec executable that we previously downloaded and that is in the folder “.binffmpeg.exe”. All you have to do is click on “OK”.

Tdt Iptv 20
Tdt Iptv 21

With all these steps we can now record TNT channels. Just Run IPTV Recorderand in “Channel groups” We should have all the channels added to the PVR IPTV Simple Client addon. Just select what you want to save with the right mouse button and click “Save and Play” to save the program.

Tdt Kodi 23
Tdt Kodi 22

The add-on asks for the hours that we want to leave the recording of the program and once finished we can find the file in “Recordings”. The extension also allows us to create recording routines so that it always starts recording at the selected time.

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