How to view WiFi passwords saved on a device

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Check how to see the Wifi passwords saved on a device

Have you ever been in a situation where you really wanted your WiFi password and it hadn’t written it down anywhere? Sometimes we really want to show WiFi password on Android. You may need the WiFi password assuming you are trying to connect to a network, or in case you want the password for a partner’s network. There are several reasons why you can expect to know the WiFi password and neglecting it is not an open option for you.

Android 10 or above offers you an easy method to view WiFi passwords of your saved networks without a device established. This is how you can see the WiFi password saved in Android 11. Please note that the interaction may vary depending on the phone and Android version.

How to view Wi-Fi passwords on Android without root

  • Starting with Android 10, you can now view the Wi-Fi passwords of your saved networks without a rooted device. Let’s see how to do this on standard Android 11; the process may be slightly different depending on your phone and the Android version.
  • To see a Wi-Fi password on Android 10 or later, open Settings and go to Network & Internet. Tap on Wi-Fi and you will see your current Wi-Fi network at the top of the list. Select it (or a previous connection from the list of saved networks below) to display the network options.
  • On this page, select the Share button. You will need to confirm your face / fingerprint or enter your PIN to continue. Once done, you will see your network’s Wi-Fi password under a QR code.
  • If the password does not appear for some reason, you can scan the QR code on another device to add it to the network.

How to View Wi-Fi Passwords in Android 9 and Earlier

  • If you are using Android 9 or earlier, or your phone does not have the above option, you will have to resort to other methods to reveal your Wi-Fi password. Unfortunately, all of these methods require a rooted Android device.
  • This is because the file containing the Wi-Fi credentials for the saved networks is located in a protected directory on your phone’s memory. You are not allowed to view the folder or file in it unless it is rooted.
  • If you are rooted, you can head to / data / misc / wifi using a file explorer app that supports root browsing. Open wpa_supplicant.conf and you should see your network name (ssid) and password (psk).
  • If that doesn’t work, or if you want to try another method, you can try using an Android Wi-Fi password viewer app like WiFi Password Viewer. These allow you to select a registered network to display the password.
  • They require a root and have mixed reviews so your mileage may vary. If your phone encrypts the file with the Wi-Fi passwords, there isn’t much they can do.

Final words: How to view Wifi passwords saved on a device

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