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Elders of a certain age may remember the classic film Shaking, with Steve Martin. In a standout scene that was outrageously funny in its day, Martin’s character finds his name listed in the new phone book.

“I’m somebody now!” he declares with unmitigated joy.

You are someone too

On the morning of April 30, as students headed to Michigan Stadium to Early 2022, I was stunned by a group of graduating male basketball players as they happily waited for a small bottleneck at the entrance to the tunnel. All of a sudden, I heard a cry: “I’m in the book!” I’m in the book! One of the men was waving the early 2022 schedule above his head and doing what can only be described as a “happy dance”. As I walked away, I saw one of his fellow players flipping through the pages. “Wait, am I in the book? »

Of course you are. And what a book it is. Not a simple list of names and numbers. No sir. This book is a lifeline, a roadmap, a lifeline to guide you through the ups and downs of your journey. It is a repertoire of pure and eternal potential. Connections to be made. Friendships to have. Careers to pursue.

And this is only the first chapter.

As readers of this publication, many of you have also been ‘in the book’. You belong to a rare breed of college graduates – the leaders and the best, as the saying goes. You are many in body, but one in heart. You are Wolverines.

Like many of you, Martin’s character had a revelation when he saw his name in print.

“Things are going to start happening to me now.”

Yes. Yes they are.

That guy reading the phone book may have been a “moron”, but he sure had your number.

(Main image: Michigan Photography.)

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