Jessica Bruder, author of ‘Nomadland’, is working on a book about abortion

The author of “Nomadland,” the basis for the Oscar-winning film of the same name, is working on a book about abortion.

Jessica Bruder will expand on her May cover story in The Atlantic, “The Abortion Underground: Inside the Covert Network Preparing for a Post-Roe Future.” The new book is currently untitled and does not yet have a release date, according to WW & Norton & Company, which announced the deal with Bruder on Thursday.

“As the Supreme Court is expected to deliver its decision on the constitutional right to abortion, Bruder will report from the front lines of the potential crisis, where the folks who for years predicted that Roe v. Wade would drop gear up for this real-time challenge,” the ad read in part.

Bruder said in a statement that she plans to chronicle “human rights through the lens of abortion.” Like “Nomadland”, the focus will not be on politics. It will be about immersing yourself with the people – otherwise ordinary humans will escape the bonds of state control, asserting their autonomy in an authoritarian age.

Bruder’s “Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century,” about transient elderly Americans, was released in 2017 and adapted into the acclaimed 2020 film starring Frances McDormand.

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