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Welcome to Open Book: The Seventeen Reading Club! If you’re an avid reader and can’t stop seeing #BookTok videos popping up on your FYP, then you’ve come to the right place. Here has Seventeen, we believe that books are magical and transformative devices that have the ability to introduce us to new places, cultures and ideas. They retain the ability to explore great stories on a range of topics, including first love, friendship, family, race, and identity.

That said, we are delighted to dedicate a space to book lovers. We hope to diversify and expand your library, showcase established and emerging authors, and connect you through a shared love of reading.

Every quarter we will announce four book titles that are in the running to be our next book club read. Once we’ve properly introduced each title and provided a brief synopsis, we’ll post a poll on Seventeen’s Instagram Stories (follow us here). Once the poll is complete, vote for the book you would like to read. Once the voting is over – the poll is live for 24 hours – we’ll announce the winner on our stories.

What happens after the winner is announced? Buy the book or check it out at the library! So join the Open Book Facebook groupwhere you will have the opportunity to discuss the book with other readers and ask questions.

Towards the end of the term, we will ask you to submit your questions, comments and/or thoughts to the author. In a video interview with the author, we will go over these questions and post the video here and on Seventeenthe social pages of.


The first open book read is… I guess I live here now by Claire Ahn!

Random penguin house

Melody Lee is a 16-year-old teenager who lives in New York, but after an incident one day after school, her parents decide to move her and her mother to Seoul, South Korea, to live with her son. dad. The move is immediate, and Melody barely gets a chance to say goodbye to her best friend. Although upset and frustrated by the sudden uprooting, she quickly becomes attached to all the perks of living in Seoul, namely fashion, food, nice friends, cute boys, and her father’s credit card. But nothing is ever as good as it seems.

Author Claire Ahn grew up in Seoul, South Korea, and moved to the United States to attend New York University. I guess I live here now is his first novel!

Where to buy the book

You can buy I guess I live here now on Amazon Where You can also pick up a copy from your local independent bookstore or check it out at the library! here is a comprehensive directory of public libraries in the United States.

Where to discuss the book

Join the Open Book Facebook group here! And share this page with your best friends so they can have fun too.

How long should I read the book?

We ask readers to complete I guess I live here now by Labor Day weekend! Our video interview with author Claire Ahn will be posted in the following days. The next open book reading will be announced in mid-September.

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