Lapeer Police Department database system management recognized by the state


Lapeer Police Chief Dave Frisch

LAPEER – The Lapeer Police Department recently received high marks from the Michigan State Police Office (MSP), Criminal Justice Information Center, for its operation and data management of the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) system .

At a Monday night meeting of the Lapeer Town Commission, City Manager Dale Kerbyson informed officials of a letter from a senior MSP official thanking the Lapeer Police Department for a “job well done for everything they do in the public interest. security.”

LEIN is a computerized criminal justice database that includes a person’s criminal history, including criminal arrests, criminal convictions, and driving record information, even containing records from other states. It is maintained by Michigan State Police and linked to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center.

LEIN is commonly used by field officers during roadside checks to check motorists’ driving records, as well as to determine if they have outstanding misdemeanor or felony warrants.

Law enforcement officials, including police officers, sheriff’s deputies, prosecutors and judges can access LEIN. It should only be used for official criminal justice purposes. Agents are prohibited from using it for personal gain or providing it to third parties such as employers, private investigators or private citizens.

LEIN provides continuously updated extracts from criminal records (four times a day) for use with mobile and stationary devices under the control of law enforcement agencies.

On May 12, 2012, Katherine O’Shesky of the MSP’s Criminal Justice Information Center conducted an audit of Lapeer’s management of the LEIN system. Lapeer Police Department Chief Dave Frisch recently received a letter from Michelle Kuzera, the agency’s division director who conducted the audit. It was a glowing report.

“The responsibility for managing and ensuring the accuracy, security and integrity of criminal justice information is a shared responsibility of all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies,” Kuzera said. “It was evident to O’Shesky that the Lapeer Police Department and its staff embrace this responsibility and management philosophy. “

Sgt. Chuck Bonesteel and Sgt. Shawn Broecker, the Lapeer Police Terminal agency coordinator and the agency security officer were with O’Shesky throughout the audit process.

All requested documents and records were readily available, up-to-date and accurate. “All requests for a criminal history were clearly and correctly justified. All record entries reviewed during the audit showed timely and accurate entry and validation, ”Kuzera added. “The result showed that your service was compliant in all of the assessed audit elements. This is a remarkable achievement, especially in these current times and circumstances, and I think you and your staff should be recognized and commended for their hard work and effort.

The Commission applauded the exemplary audit report issued by the MSP to the Lapeer Police Department.


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