Measuring Device Manufacturer Receives IDA Support for Hauppauge Expansion

Mark-10 Corporation, a manufacturer of force and torque measuring instruments, will expand to Hauppauge with help from the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency.

Suffolk IDA pre-approved tax breaks for the company to acquire and renovate a 31,500 square foot 3.51 acre industrial building at 160 Oser Ave.

The project, estimated at more than $ 9.5 million, will allow Mark-10 to expand into the Hauppauge building and move from its current excavations to Copiague. The company has pledged to create five new full-time jobs over the next two years, which will increase its payroll by $ 4.6 million.

Mark-10 started as an engineering consulting firm in 1979 before moving into contract manufacturing in the 1980s and introducing its own branded product line in 1990.

Of the society The products are used for quality control and research applications in a variety of industries around the world, including medical devices, aerospace, automotive, consumer products, packaging and many others. Mark-10 is currently a supplier to medical and pharmaceutical companies working on research, testing and treatment of COVID-19, according to an IDA statement.

“IDA’s assistance in expanding our business is necessary for us to remain competitive,” Mark-10 Corporation president Mark Fridman said in the statement. “We have outgrown our facilities and the support from IDA will help us grow in terms of employee numbers, inventory and product line expansion. We are delighted with this opportunity to develop in a region that we have inhabited for decades. “

Suffolk County IDA Executive Director Tony Catapano said the expansion project will help expand the reach of a business that has been on Long Island for decades while providing new employment opportunities for residents. from Long Island.

“We are delighted to help this company, which has operated on Long Island for decades, stay close to home as it grows,” Catapano said in the statement.

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