Meta Announces Meta Quest Pro VR Device at Meta Connect Event

Yesterday at Meta’s annual Connect conference (Watch the event here), Mark Zuckerberg officially announced Meta Quest Pro, the new high-end and advanced VR headset.

The Meta Quest Pro (now available for pre-order) will be available for purchase on October 25 for €1,799.99 / £1,499.99 / $1,499.99. This includes the headset, Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, pen tips, partial light blockers, and a charging station.

Meta Quest Pro is the first entry in Meta’s new line of premium devices, and it’s packed with innovative features like high-resolution sensors for robust mixed reality experiences, crisp LCD displays for crisp visuals, an entirely new and sleeker design, plus tracking eyes and natural facial expressions to help your avatar reflect you more naturally in virtual reality.

“It’s…it’s Meta Quest Pro. It’s the first in our new range of advanced headsets, designed to expand what’s possible in virtual reality. It takes what people love about Meta Quest 2 and adds a bunch of new tech to help you do more in the metaverse. It’s built for collaboration and creativity, and with mixed reality built in, it lets you do things that weren’t possible before. All in a beautiful, wearable design. Whether you’re looking to work in a new way or just want the best experiences available today…this sets the standard. – Mark Zuckerberg

Working tools and META partnerships

Mark Zuckerberg was joined by Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella and Accenture President and CEO Julie Sweet to share new partnerships that will accelerate the future of work:

  • Detailing how Meta Quest Pro was designed with work in mind, the partnership with Microsoft aims to bring its productivity tools to Meta Quest devices and Meta work experiences.
  • This includes Microsoft Teams immersive meeting experiences for Meta Quest, Microsoft Windows 365 for Meta Quest, Microsoft 365 app experiences for Quest, Microsoft Teams/Workrooms integration, meta avatars in Microsoft Teams, and support for Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory for Quest.
  • The partnership with Accenture will help companies adopt Meta’s hardware and software, integrated with Microsoft technology, so companies can deliver the future of work faster to their employees.
  • Meta also announced that business questhis subscription package for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Prowhich includes core admin features such as device and app management, will be available next year.
  • Meta also announced a series of new features for Horizon work rooms, the VR space for teams to connect and collaborate. New features include more expressive avatars, chat groups with spatial audio, whiteboard sticky notes, a new pen controller tip for clearer writing, and a personal desktop for one-on-one productivity where you can access large virtual screens and use color passthrough mode. In the long term, Meta hopes to launch Magic Room, a Zoom integration, and a 3D model overhaul.
Horizon World

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