New Jersey Shore Book Now Available

OCEAN COUNTY – From childhood, Jersey Shore native Gregory Andrus revered the Guardians of the Sea. In the summer of 2021, he decided to create a book to honor these warriors, the rescuers of the Jersey Shore. More than 50 lifeguards from more than 20 beaches in Ocean and Monmouth counties were photographed and interviewed for his landmark new book: Sand, Sea and Rescue: Jersey Shore Rescuers.

“New Jersey has many treasures, but none are as storied, visited or misunderstood as the Jersey Shore. This book is a love letter to people whose hearts belong to the Jersey Shore,” said Andrus said “I’m honored to be the person to share his stories.”

Having interviewed thousands of strangers over the past six years to hear their unique stories, Gregory Andrus is convinced that we can find peace, well-being, hope and healing through the ancient communication of sharing. stories.

In his second book, Sand, Sea and Rescue: Jersey Shore Lifeguards, Andrus honors the more than 50 lifeguards from more than 20 beach patrols in Ocean and Monmouth counties. This new version of the book includes over 120 pages of interviews, profiles and audio recordings highlighting the dedication, courage and passion that is the calling of the beach’s first responders: the lifeguard.


Gregory Andrus

Gregory Andrus is also a much sought after speaker who brings relief and hope with his message of compassion and human dignity. Sharing his own inspiring story of overcoming alcoholism, homelessness and being shot in the head, Andrus leads people to see their own worth, as well as the worth of others. Telling the compelling stories of the people he has interviewed for over half a decade, Andrus will share how he became convinced that compassion is what can bring healing and promote the well-being of individuals, communities and possibly companies.

Sand, Sea & Rescue: Lifeguards of the Jersey Shore is available at in paperback June 1, 2022. Visit us at join our community of over 31,000 Jersey Shore friends.

Visit to learn more about Gregory Andrus, his new book, and his dedication to the Jersey Shore and its people.

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