Outlander’s Sam Heughan delights fans as he reads the phone book at the convention

Sam Heughan’s voice shot to worldwide fame as the Scottish-accented Jamie Fraser in the TV hit Outlander.

And fans have suggested his voice is so good he even looks fit to read a phone book.

It has now been revealed that The Men In Kilts star did just that – when he was with fans at a meet-and-greet in the US.

Sam was appearing at the Sasnak City rally when fans noticed a phone book that had been used earlier that day as a prop.

He couldn’t resist giving subscribers exactly what they wanted and the event site shared a series of photos taken by a fan at the time showing Sam reading numbers and addresses.

Georgian fan Patricia Shroeder wrote: “We always joke that Sam might read in the phone book and make us swoon.

A month ago, he spoiled those Sassenachs by doing just that with his deepest Scottish accent. #dramwithsam #SamHeughan #theLaird #SamInSasnak.”

Sasnak City shared the post, saying, “These ladies were DEFINITELY on the verge of passing out! @SamHeughan thank you for being such an amazing guest and proving we were right from the start. You can really make EVERYTHING sounds magical!!”

Patricia explained to fans, “The phone book was actually there by accident because they used it for a photo prop earlier. It just got returned to her at the table before they started. A happy coincidence .”

Fans loved it and while some asked for a video, others suggested he should post the audio alone.

One fan said, “I need a video of this. STAT.”

Another added: “Too funny! Shame you couldn’t film it! How did he manage with such a straight face?”

And someone else observed, “He seems to be focusing so hard and really on reading the phone book. How fun!?!?”

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