Pasadena’s Red Hen Press Acquires Nahid Rachlin’s New Book, Mirage – Pasadena Weekendr

Los Angeles-based nonprofit literary publisher Red Hen Press announced on Wednesday that it has acquired best-selling Iranian-American author Nahid Rachlin’s latest novel, Mirage.

Rachlin is an award-winning Iranian-American novelist and short story writer who has been described as “perhaps the most published Iranian author in the United States”.

Set in contemporary Iran, Mirage delves into the complicated relationship between two twin girls, Roya and her identical twin sister, Tala. Their inseparable bond became difficult to maintain as they grew older, but when they both become pregnant at the same time, their relationship rekindles. After an accident causes Roya to miscarry and Tala goes into labor, grief, jealousy, suspicion and guilt fracture this newly renewed relationship.

Delving deep into the human psyche, Nahid Rachlin intricately explores themes of brotherly identity, betrayal, envy, depression, loss and the impact of memories. Like Ottessa Moshfegh’s Death in Her Hands (Penguin Press, 2020), Mirage artfully juxtaposes the socio-political dynamics of contemporary Iran with a story about the nature of grief and redemption that will firmly grip your heart.

Mirage will be released in 2024, according to a press release from Red Hen Press.

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