Police Need Database System | Buckle PNG

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou said this noting that case files are not always properly recorded and archived.

N’Dranou said talks are already underway with some consultants to come up with ideas on how best to design the system first and how much it should cost.

“We are looking at around K 3.5-4 million in total to make it complete and operational for the police.”

This is something the police urgently need to ensure that all files are stored securely.

N’Dranou adds that the system will serve not only Boroko police station, but all NCD police stations.

At present, officers in the domestic sexual violence unit can only work up to two cases per day during this time, there is a long queue outside yet to be served by an agent.

“This system, once in place, can speed up the process and most likely handle up to 4 to 5 cases in an 8 hour period.”

Another advantage of a database system is that officers can easily identify known suspects if they have a complaint filed against them at other police stations in the city.

N’Dranou said that with a good and efficient database in place, it can improve the work of officers from the productivity rate of 45 percent up to 70 to 90 percent.

“We are increasing police capacity and productivity by 30%. “

He adds that while funding is an issue right now, the ministry should at least consider investing gradually in building the system instead of making a one-time payment on the spot.

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