Roku finally integrates Apple Music into app device pairing

The Apple Music app has finally made it into Roku’s long line of various products and devices. The rollout is global starting May 2, allowing Roku customers to experience their favorite music and select 4k music videos across the company’s various streaming players, TVs and audio devices. The Apple Music app can be found among the Roku Channel Store downloads later Monday.

With a selection of 90 million songs available on Apple Music’s on-demand streaming service, in addition to nearly 30,000 playlists, the integration of this application was absolutely necessary. Apple Music originally launched on Fire TV devices nearly three years ago. Spotify was added to the Roku directory in 2020. Several other music streaming apps also exist on Roku’s many platforms, including Vevo, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and even TuneIn.

On select Roku devices, Apple Music subscribers will also have access to 4K music videos, as well as concerts, podcasts and original shows. Roku integration will also allow customers to play their favorite songs with synced lyrics for added enjoyment when needed. Apple Music users will also have full control over streaming Apple Music Radio to Roku devices, when users’ own music library is not enough.

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Those without an Apple Music login will be able to sign up through the Roku Channel Store with a one-month free trial. Months after the free trial period will be included in the existing Apple Music monthly price which starts at $9.99.

Despite being one of the biggest streaming platforms out there, Roku’s channel revenue split sits at a 20% price tag, which may explain why Apple Music hasn’t been added to devices. Roku until today. Rokus uses the 20% revenue share to better monetize channels through in-app purchases and subscriptions. It’s unclear exactly where Apple Music will land in terms of revenue split with Roku, but the two companies are rather tight-lipped on the details.

In Roku’s corner, however, is a rather positive Q1 2022 earnings report, which highlights a major 14% year-over-year increase in active user accounts, totaling around 61. .3 million assets and an overall sequential gain of 1.1 million. Revenue was also relatively positive, coming in at 27.8% year over year. The inclusion of Apple Music on its integrated channels may well contribute to future user and revenue forecasts for the second quarter.

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