Spinal appliance company Malden, executives accused of bribing surgeons

BOSTON – A Massachusetts spinal apparatus company and two of its top executives have been accused of carrying out a scheme to bribe surgeons to use the company’s products, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

The CEO and CFO of SpineFrontier Inc. are accused of conspiring to pay millions of dollars in bribes disguised as consulting fees to surgeons in exchange for surgeons using the manufacturer’s products, according to court documents.

Authorities say the company claimed to pay surgeons between $ 250 and $ 1,000 an hour for consultation fees, but was in fact bribing surgeons to use SpineFrontier products.

They often determined how much to pay doctors based on the number of procedures they performed and the amount of money those procedures brought in to the company, prosecutors said.

Company CEO and founder Kingsley R. Chin of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. And CFO Aditya Humad of Cambridge, Massachusetts face charges including conspiracy to violate anti-kickback law and conspiracy to commit money laundering, prosecutors mentioned. The Malden, Massachusetts-based company has also been charged.

Emails seeking comment were sent to lawyers for the company and its executives.

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