T-Mobile would add a $35 device connection fee

T-Mobile did not respond to our request to confirm the new charge, but according to internal documents obtained by The T-Mo report and corroborated on Reddit, the $35 device connection fee will be applied to all new postpaid device activations. Previously, the company only charged an activation fee if you used an “assisted channel” like in-store customer support to set up a device on a new service line. Online orders were exempt from this fee, so you can avoid being charged by using T-Mobile’s website. With this alleged new accusation, everything new postpaid device activations are subject to charges whether or not you were assisted.

It’s not a new concept; Verizon and AT&T already charge similar activation fees. But it’s particularly interesting coming from T-Mobile, which is putting its Uncarrier image on not indulge in such nonsense. T-Mobile is also responsible for reducing the number of major wireless carriers in the United States from four to three with its Sprint merger. (By the way, it’s easier to impose incidental fees with fewer competitors.) Our supposed replacement for this fourth carrier doesn’t look too promising, and in the meantime, it looks like T-Mobile intends to becoming more of an operator in the worst possible way. . This, to put it bluntly, really stinks.

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