Update your Apple Maps business listing with Apple Maps Connect

Greg Sterling got the scope of a new Apple service called Apple Maps Connect. The service allows business owners to finally manage their business listings for Apple Maps.

My business moved over three years ago, but Apple Maps listed the old business address and there was almost no way for me to communicate the move directly to Apple. It is until today.

Here is my listing for my business on Apple Maps which currently shows the old address:

RustyBrick Apple Cards

Last night I was able to submit a change through Apple Maps Connect.

You first search for the name and location of your business:

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Then it will show you the folder and ask if you are the business owner or if you have permission to make the change. Then you can modify the data:

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I updated the data and was able to verify via a phone call and enter a pin code (if you have a PBX this can be difficult to do).

On top of that, the top left navigation looks like this:

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Note the indoor feature, this is a beta and is only accepted for high traffic locations, here’s more on this feature:

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My update this morning still reads “Awaiting Review”, so I hope it gets updated soon.

Greg has a few more screenshots of the process on Search Engine Land.

This currently only works for companies based in the United States.

Discussion forum on Google+.

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