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Vodafone launched the 5G Mobile Hotspot, its 5G mobile broadband device. Developed for consumers and businesses, the Vodafone 5G Mobile Hotspot turns Vodafone’s 4G and 5G network into WiFi, connecting all your devices in seconds. With access to Vodafone’s super-fast 5G mobile network, customers can immerse themselves in the content they love anywhere, anytime.

With the ability to keep you connected “on the go”, the Vodafone 5G Mobile Hotspot enables customers to enjoy high-speed internet access in areas without landline connectivity. With an impressive 8.5 hour battery life, the portable router can easily share WiFi with up to 32 users or devices on the go and can be easily configured in minutes without the need for an engineer.

The Vodafone 5G Mobile Hotspot is ideal for those who run a small business, have a second home or a home office. It’s also useful for businesses that don’t operate from a fixed location or for families that work from home and need extra broadband support. A true portable device, it can be placed wherever you need it, allowing you to stream and download at high speed on the go and includes WiFi 6 ensuring a faster and more efficient internet connection.

With access to high speeds, lower latency and greater capacity, downloading content such as entire box sets, movies or albums over a 5G network now takes seconds.

Customers can choose between a fixed term contract or a rolling contract with prices starting from just £10 per month. If you buy a 5G mobile hotspot with a 24-month Vodafone Unlimited contract, you’ll get the first six months at half price:

To find out more about the 5G Mobile Hotspot, visit the Vodafone UK website.

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